Restorative Exercise

What is Restorative Exercise?

RE is a whole-body exercise and movement education program based in the science of biomechanics. As such it uses the laws of physics and applies them to the human body to help optimise health and wellness.

It helps us identify our physical habits and movement patterns that can lead to pain and disease.

The program, which is centred around skeletal alignment points, aims to realign our bodies and help develop new habits and more natural ways of moving that allow us to lead thriving, pain-free lives.

How is it different from all the other programs out there?

RE is unique in that it considers that many of our modern health issues may, in fact, have mechanical causes. It sits in an entirely different health and fitness paradigm to the one with which we are all so familiar. This isn’t performance based, this isn’t about how you look; this program is about HOW we move, ALL of the time and how that impacts the functional integrity of our bodies.

We all know we need to move for our health but it makes no sense to move in way that ultimately undermines it. Staying “in shape” and taking care of one system in our bodies such as our cardiovascular system (our hearts, blood vessels, lungs) should NOT come at the expense of another such as our musculoskeletal system (our bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues). Believe me, I’ve been there: really fit AND really injured, aka “fit-wrecked”. Since when did swapping surgeons (cardiac for orthopaedic) become a viable and sustainable health strategy?

The exercises in this program are gentle (but not necessarily easy) and are utterly respectful of your body’s current boundaries; the program meets your body where it is right now. The aim is to improve ranges of motion (mobility with stability and strength) and ultimately, restore the body to a more optimally functioning state.

Who is it for?

Do you have a human body? Are you subject to the Earth’s gravitational field? Do you want to move your body in a better, healthier and sustainable way? If you answer “YES!” to these questions then this program is for you. If you answer “NO!” to these questions then …. *temporarily speechless*

Whether you are just beginning to move, are a hardcore mover or are finding it harder to move than ever before – we can all benefit from better alignment, better body awareness, better movement and better health.


Jessica Worthington Wilmer
Restorative Exercise Specialist
BSc (Hons), PhD, RES-CPT
Phone: (+61) 7 3040 7060

Nutritious Movement Certified