Restorative Exercise Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Stage 6 Health & FitnessWhere:  Stage 6 Health and Fitness,
23 Nundah St,
Nundah, Brisbane

This facility is also focused on sustainable health so they are a perfect fit!

Go check them out!

When: By appointment only (see contact details)

Rates: Initial session (90 mins/ 1.5 hr) – $90
Subsequent sessions (60 mins / 1 hr) – $75

What do I need?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and easily. There will be times that being able to see your kneecaps and back of your knees is important so if wearing longer pants just make sure that they are comfortable to temporarily roll up above your knees. If you own a yoga mat and would like to bring it to your sessions please do but it’s not necessary.

What can I expect?

Prior to your first session I will send you a health intake form. Please have that filled out beforehand as that will leave us more time to talk about your specific needs and health issues and start moving.

We will then run through some of the alignment points (starting with stance), assess your range of motion with some simple assessments and then start to get into the exercises. Be prepared to take off your shoes and socks as we work barefoot in all sessions. Floor work can also be involved. If that is of concern just remember this program meets you where you are at, and all exercises can be modified to accommodate your body’s boundaries.

Afterwards, I will send you a summary sheet including pictures and information of the key exercises we covered in your session. That way you will have all the information you need to help you do them at any time.


Jessica Worthington Wilmer
Restorative Exercise Specialist
BSc (Hons), PhD, RES-CPT
Phone: (+61) 7 3040 7060

Hi Jessica, thanks for seeing me yesterday. It was great to speak to someone in person and get feed back, even though I’d seen most of the stuff before I still got a lot from it. You clearly have a passion for it and a great understanding of the system and its content! Now realising I’ve got a lot of room for improvement I’m excited to learn more!
Will T.

Nutritious Movement Certified