Align Move Thrive Restorative Exercise

Welcome to Align Move Thrive!

In a (pea)nutshell: Align Move Thrive is about moving your body on a day-day basis in a way that makes you feel great and is sustainable throughout your lifetime.

And in a (coco)nutshell:

Why Align?

Whole body alignment is important in order to:

  • Protect and preserve our spines and to keep our central nervous systems healthy and intact.
  • Optimise the circulation of blood, lymph and nerve signals to every single cell in our body
  • Minimise joint damage to keep us mobile and moving without pain.

Why Move?

Movement is life. It is that essential and it is that simple.

Why Thrive?

We might be living longer lives than ever before in human history but in what state are we actually ageing? Living should not just be about the quantity but the quality of the years we accumulate. The end game is not just better body alignment and greater movement for their own sakes but to lead to healthy, thriving lives.


Jessica Worthington Wilmer
Restorative Exercise Specialist
BSc (Hons), PhD, RES-CPT
Phone: (+61) 7 3040 7060

Nutritious Movement Certified